Rules and Regulations

Cycling Race

General Rules and Regulations


§1 Purpose of the event

  1. Popularization and promotion of cycling and cycling tourism in Zakopane and Podhale region.
  2. Promotion of healthy lifestyle, active leisure, tourism and recreation.
  3. Promotion of the regional mountain trails and tourist destinations that are crossed by the racecourse (Zakopane Town, Kościelisko Community, Szaflary, Czarny Dunajec, Poronin).
  4. Selection of the best amateur cyclist in the final, mountain and teamclassifications.
  5. Setting new standards in terms of organizing cycling events in Poland.


§2 Organizer

The organizer of TATRA ROAD RACE 2019 is:



Tel: +48 725-232-376


                                                                                   §3 Time and Place

  1. Cycling race TATRA ROAD RACE 2019 will be held on 13 July 2019.

    The Race Office will be located at the Mercure Kasprowy Hotel in ZAKOPANE, 1 SZYMASZKOWA Street at Regional Inn which will be next to the Start / Finish line.

  2. 2 races are held within TATRA ROAD RACE:

○       56 km - distance HARD, hereinafter referred to as HARD

○       121,5 km - distance HELL, hereinafter referred to as HELL


                                                             §4 Program of Tatra Road Race 2019


12 PM – 8 PM - Registration at the Race Office, distribution of start numbers for both distances

6 PM in Mercure Kasprowy hotel meeting hall – a technical briefing by Cezary Szafraniec –the race director, Krzysztof Mrugała – the technical director. A detailed description of TRR racecourses for both distances, special bonuses, mountain classification, TERMA BANIA team classification, the rules concerning technical vehicles, the safety during the race. The briefing will last 90 minutes.



7:30 AM - 9:50 AM - Registration at Race Office, distribution of start numbers for both distances, detailed information on the racecourse

9:30 AM - HELL distance sectors opening

9:55 AM - HELL distance sectors closing

10:00 AM - Start of Distance HELL

10:05 AM - HARD distance sectors opening

10:25 AM - HARD distance sectors closing

10:30 AM – Start of Distance HARD

12:20 PM – expected arrival of the first cyclists ending distance HARD

2:00 PM - expected arrival of the first cyclists ending distance HELL

3:30 PM – Medals decoration for distance HARD winners

4:10 PM - Medals decoration for distance HELL winners

4:50 PM - Contest with prizes for all race participants

4:30 PM - End of time measurement

5:30 PM - End of TRR 2019

As of 12:10 PM at the finish line race participants will be served with cold drinks, fruit and pies whereas as of 12:30 PM hot nutritious meals will be served in Hotel Mercure Kasprowy restaurant "Zakopane", level -1. Entrance is located on the side of parking, through terrace.


                                                                           § 5 Registration

Participation forms are accepted via TATRA ROAD RACE official website after filling in the form provided by the Timedo Service. Registration in person is possible at the Race Office on 12.07.2019 from 12:00 PM to 8:00PM and on 13.07.2019 between 7:30 AM - 9:50 AM. The Race Office will be located at the Mercure Kasprowy Hotel at Regional Inn which will be next to the Start / Finish line.

The number of participants is limited to 700 cyclists at distance HARD/56km and 600 cyclists at distance HELL/121,5KM. The organizer considers fee posting date to the organizer's account, not the date of filing the application.

Previous years Distance FUN/HARD winners cannot compete in the following year in the same distance. This includes all the previous editions best females and best males from category OPEN.

Registration is open from NOVEMBER 11th, 2018 from 8:00 AM (until the limit is reached). To confirm the participation, the cyclist needs to pay the fee in accordance with the payment terms. The organizer considers fee posting date to the organizer's account, not the date of filing the application.

TATRA ROAD RACE registration fee depends on the date of payment and the chosen distance, included in table below.


Until 31.12.2018

Until 30.04.2019

Until 10.07.2019

From 12.07.2019

Distance HARD

110 PLN – bank transfer

130 PLN - bank transfer

150 PLN - bank transfer

200 PLN – bank transfer or cash at the Race Office

Distance HELL

130 PLN - bank transfer

150 PLN - bank transfer

170 PLN - bank transfer

200 PLN – bank transfer or cash at the Race Office


  1. With payment via bank transfer (all necessary details for payments will be provided in the application generated via Timedo System) the Organizer considers fee posting date to the organizer's account. The organizer is not responsible for payment terms of bank transfers and postal services.
  2. All registration fees are gross and include VAT.
  3. Invoices will be issued starting with the date of payment till 15 day of the next month only for the persons and the entities that paid the fee. Accurate data on the invoice and mailing address shall be sent within 7 days from the date of payment to the following address:, in order to obtain the invoice. After that deadline invoices will not be issued
  4. The organizer does not provide for reimbursement of the fee in case of resignation from the participation or after giving up during the race. The register payment is intended for organizational costs of the competition.
  5. It is possible to transfer the registration fee from one participant to another for free until 15 June 2019. After that deadline it will be possible to do so only for extra charge - 100 PLN. This can be done with a notification sent to the following email address: In case of purchasing additional items, those can be sent if shipping address has been sent to above mentioned address. Shipment will ensue until 14 days since competition end, after paying handling fee of 20 PLN for shipment costs (gross with VAT included).

                                                                          § 6 Anti-doping rules

  1. During TATRA ROAD RACE competition, the competitor can be called up in order to undergo anti-doping control. Anti-doping control will be held in accordance with the current provisions of PZKol (Polish Cycling Federation) and UCL.
  2. Competitors, who have had a positive result of anti-doping inspection within the last 5 years, will not be allowed to take part in the competition.
  3. A competitor called to ani-doping inspection during TATRA ROAD RACE is obliged to undergo it. Failure to appear for the control, if the competitor is called to undergo a test, is tantamount to his disqualification and losing all the rights to possible prizes. At the same time, such a competitor will be devoid of the possibility of taking part in consecutive editions. The same rule shall be applied to a competitor whose anti-doping tests will prove positive.
  4. A competitor with a positive result of anti-doping control during TATRA ROAD RACE will receive an immediate 5-year ban on every event organised by Tatra Cycling Events and will be charged the costs of the test undergone during TATRA ROAD RACE. At the same time, such a competitor is obliged to return every prize received during TATRA ROAD RACE.
  5. The ani-doping inspection will be held at the expense of organiser, excluding participants with positive test result.


                                                                               §7 Participation

  1. To participate in Tatra Road Race 2019 the following criteria must be met:
    1. Participant must be at least 18 years old
    2. Underage competitors, who are at least 16 years old and possess a bicycle card, are allowed to take part in the HARD distance. They can participate in the race on condition that their legal guardian will sign a declaration which will be available in the register office.
    3. Participant must not be penalized by exclusion or disqualification for using doping
  2. The races are intended for amateur cyclist. Cyclists who hold Masters license and juniors are also entitled to participate in the race
  3. Those in possession of valid ELITA and U-23 (Orlik) licenses are not admitted to participate in the race.
  4. MPM Maria Kokoczka i Mirosław Prucnal Spółka Jawna based in Jasło, ul. Żeromskiego 36 are the administrators of personal data processed in connection with the organization of TATRA ROAD RACE 2019. Information about the processing of personal data by Administrator can be found in privacy policy published on  Providing personal data is voluntary but necessary to participate in the TATRA ROAD RACE 2019 as per the provisions of the General Rules and Regulations. Those who have provided personal information have the right to access their data and correct it or withdraw the consent to its processing at any time. The Organizer may process personal data in connection with the organization of TATRA ROAD RACE 2019 in cooperation with other entities, to the extent necessary for the proper organization of TATRA ROAD RACE 2019.
  5. The registration and participation in the race equals automatic consent to the free-of-charge use of images registered in the photographs or video recordings. Participants grant the Administrator of personal data and the Organizer a non-exclusive, territorially unrestricted and 5 (five) year license to use the image registered in the following fields of use:
    1. Strengthening and multiplication with any known technique, and distribution in any form,
    2. Sharing with sponsors and official partners a copy or copies, on which the image was fixed, to promote the sponsor or the official partner for its sponsorship of the TATRA ROAD RACE 2019
    3. Storage on computer memory and multimedia networks
    4. Duplication of the registered image.
    5. Public exposure, display, reproduction and broadcasting and re-broadcasting, as well as the public display in such a way that everyone can have access to it at a place and time individually chosen by them
    6. Posting and publishing in newspapers, on websites, posters and billboards,
    7. TV and radio broadcasting
    8. Publishing participants’ photos in social media with the possibility of marking the participants by name.
  6. The Organizer has the right to grant TATRA ROAD RACE 2019 Partners and Sponsors sub-license to use the image taken, referred to above, to the extent not wider than the range of granted licenses.
  7. Every participant is obliged to wear a hard helmet on a road bike equipped, according to “the Regulation of the Minister of Infrastructure from December 31th, 2002 with the amendment of October 2012, on the technical conditions of vehicles as well as the scope of their necessary equipment (Dz. U. of 2003. No. 32, item. 262) a bike must have at least a red retro-reflector light in the back and additionally, the organizer requires two working brakes. Bicycles with wheels of any size and with tires of any width might be used, bicycles cannot be fitted with any electrical/ exhaust power. They can only run on the force of the muscles of the legs and cannot be equipped with an adapter on the steering wheel (in polish so called lemond). The use the disc wheels at the front and/or at the back is not allowed.
  8. The organizer does not provide the participant with any health insurance, life insurance or civil liability insurance due to disease, accident, injury, death or any loss or damage that may occur in connection with the presence and/or participation in the Tatra Road Race 2019.
  9. The participant accepting the regulations declares that he has no health contraindications to participate in organized competitions as well as he is involved in competitions on his own responsibility and acknowledges the fact that participation in the competition is associated with physical effort and entails a natural risk and the risk of accidents, the possibility of injuries and physical injuries (including death), and also damage and property losses.
  10. The organizer reserves the right to permit medical and paramedical staff employed by/or on behalf of the organizer to provide first medical help or other medical procedures as well as to transport the participant to a safe place. The participant accepts such activitiesEach participant is obliged to make the start numbers visible throughout the whole race. The mandatory set of numbers includes – one (1) number on the rider’s back and one (1) number attached to the seatpost saddle. Failure to comply with the above may result in the lack of time results. A number on the rider’s back shall be on the right side.


                                                                         §8 Services for participants

  1. The following services are covered by the entry fee:
    1. Start numbers and safety pins for the back and seatpost saddle, each with a time measurement chip,
    2. Refreshment on the race course. One (1) refreshment on distance HARD and three (3) refreshments on distance HELL. All buffets are located after mountain BONUS Territory Bacheldowka,
    3. Water bottles with ISOTONICS for all participants to be picked up at the buffet on the racecourse,
    4. Regenerative hot meal + cold buffet with fruit, drinks and pies after crossing the finish line,
    5. The cyclists will be served the hot meal in the restaurant in the Mercure Kasprowy Hotel once they give the start number from their back,
    6. Electronic time measurement until 4:30 PM at the finish line, measurement of lap located on the BONUS Territory Bachledówka,
    7. Marking of the racecourse in accordance with the standards of the Road Cycling Races,
    8. Medical and rescue support services,
    9. Photos of highest quality taken by the professional photographers will be available to download after the race in the highest quality for uncommercial use.
    10. Contest with prizes for all participants at the end of the Medal Decoration.
    11. The possibility to check the equipment before the start at the technical emergency service located in the Race Town next to Start/ Finish line,
    12. Judges support,
    13. The prizes and trophies for the winners,
    14. The possibility of competition in the cycling race TATRA ROAD RACE,
    15. Opportunity to take shower avaliable in Geothermal Ski Station Szymoszkowa.
    16. Participants will receive commemorative TRR2019 medals which will be handed out by hostesses at the finish line.


                                                                                     §9 Traffic

  1. The race will be held in open traffic. During the passage of the main honorary column traffic will be limited.
  2. Organizer services will be supervising roads, intersections and entrances of the roads subordinated to the race course. Public will be informed about the increased traffic of cyclists and a sports event taking place nearby. The leading group will be piloted by the Organizer technical car. The last participant will be followed by the car marked as The end of the Race. In addition, all the way throughout the race Organizer services in cars and on motorcycles will monitor the course of the race.
  3. All participants must comply with principles of the Road Traffic and right-hand traffic (it is forbidden to enter the road from the right), especially during overtaking; when the slower competitor is obliged to return to/ stay on the right path giving free way to a faster competitor.
  4. The Organizer shall not be liable for any traffic accidents or collisions on the race course caused by and/ or being the fault of participants. Especially in case of races taking part in the mountainous regions all participants are requested to adjust the speed of the bike to their skills, staying on the right side of the road when turning and not shearing the turnings.
  5. Participants of the race must pay extreme attention during the downhill rides, and keep in mind that vehicle from the side roads, fields, forests, or individual buildings might appear.
  6. For safety reasons, the following limits are introduced:
    1. in the situation when the cyclist riding distance HELL is overtaken by the pilot leading distance HARD (which starts 30 minutes later) prior to crossover i.e. at 30 km, the cyclist will be withdrawn from the competition. Therefore, please select your distances wisely.
    2. entering the second loop till 1 p.m. in Bustryk on 63rd km. Those cyclists who will not be able to enter the second round by this time, will have their number from the back taken off, which equals to the withdrawal from the competition. In this case the cyclist will be asked to ride to the finish line.


                                                                 §10 TATRA ROAD RACE 2019 Rules

  1. TATRA ROAD RACE 2019 will commence with a separate start for each distance. Honor start will take place from Kasprowy Hotel (during the passage of the group it is prohibited to overtake the judge’s car under penalty of disqualification). Sharp start will take place without stopping the pack after riding around 3km- from right turning onto Salamandra in Kościelisko. The organizer reserves the right to carry the start of the race differently which will be communicated to the participants during the start numbers collection on July 12th and 13th , 2019.
  2. Race sectors
    1. On both distances all the participants will be lined up in tors. The sectors will be opened 25 minutes before the start of each race and they will be closed 5 minutes prior to the start. The rules of selecting the sector are as follows:

SECTOR I - first 50 riders with classification OPEN in season 2018 (regardless of distance), all women who competed in the 2018 edition


SECTOR II – riders who took places 51 – 150 and the remaining women taking part in the race, even if they were not included in the race sector list (for example because they paid for the race in the Race Office)


SECTOR III – all the riders who participated in the race in 2018.


SECTOR IV – all the riders who did not compete in the previous Tatra Road Race

    1. At each distance 15 participants who prove their high form in season 2019 will receive the right to start from the Sector I. The request must be sent by June 30th, 2019 - 11:59 PM at the address
    2. The race sector list will be announced on 10th July 2019. It will be also available in the Race Office. After 10th July, it will be impossible to add your name to the list.
    3. These riders who are entitled to be included in Sector I, II or III will not be included in the list if they do not pay the entry fee till 9th July (the date of the fee posting on the organizer’s account will be considered).


  1. The exact race course and the profile of the course are available at
  2. Electronic time measurement will be operating during TATRA ROAD RACE 2019. The measured time is the time gross which means from the shot of the starter.
  3. The course race will be marked with vertical signs placed on the side of the road and horizontal signs marked on the road.
  4. There will be stationary buffets located on the course of the race – one (1) buffet for distance HARD; three (3) buffets for distance HELL.
  5. Race technical support as well as judges will be present on the course race and in the race column to supervise if the principles of the Road Traffic and right-hand traffic are respected. Participants who blatantly violate the Road Traffic principles or move outside of the planned route will be disqualified and withdrawn from the competition.
  6. During the Honor passage of the column all those on bikes and not participating in the race will be removed from the racecourse by the Organizer Services and the Police.
  7. Each participant is obliged to strictly comply with the instructions of the judge and law enforcement officials.
  8. At the finish line each participant is obliged to stay on his track.

                                                                    §11 Assistance on the racecourse

  1. Admission fee for vehicle which would like to drive and provide assistance to participants on the racecourse is PLN 70 - paid by bank transfer until 30 June 2019 or PLN 100 - payable in cash in the Race Office. To obtain the possibility of driving a car behind the race it is necessary to provide the car registration number and the name of the driver. The driver is obliged to collect the stickers for the car in person upon the identification with his / her driving license. Without valid driving license stickers will not be given. For security purposes, the number of technical cars is limited to 15 for each distance, determined by registration order.
  2. Vehicles approved by the Organizer are required to use specially designed stickers delivered by the Organizer. In case of a group of several cars, cars which limit the visibility are requested to drive at the end of the column (e.g. SUVs, buses)
  3. It is possible to carry out repair or replacement of damaged equipment within technical assistance.
  4. To obtain technical assistance participants have to stop on the right side of the road. ATTENTION: In case of defect on a narrow road, technical car cannot clog passage of other participants and cannot be unsafe, for example by leaving doors opened. In case of finding this sort of behaviour during race, the car will be backed off race column and thereby will lose right to move on track as a technical car.
  5. Drinks / snacks distribution is possible by the persons authorized by the Organizer and only possible when the participant of the race rides alone or when he/she is at the end of the group without obstructing the course for other participants.
  6. There will be designated buffet zone on the racecourse located in Bachledowka. Only persons from organizer’s service are allowed to stay in this zone. Persons willing to help in buffet service are requested to report to managers of buffet (2 persons with Tatra Road Race identity tags) and after receiving their permission and presentation buffet work it will be possible. Persons willing to serve only their own competitors are requested to not entering the zone.
  7. Help for participants provided in a manner inconsistent with the principles of safety in Road Traffic is prohibited and may lead to disqualification or a penalty for the player.
  8. The Organizer shall not be liable for any traffic accidents or collisions on the road with the participation of cyclist, service vehicles and any other road users.
  9. In case of posing a risk by a driver, service car will be taken off from racecourse.


                                                                                      §12 Prizes

Winners will receive the following prizes:

1.  Distance HELL – female classification - first 3 participants (classification OPEN) will receive either financial or in-kind prizes sponsored by Specialized company. The value of the prices will not be lower than:

  1. 1st place -PLN 1000 + Glass Cup
  2. 2nd place - PLN 600
  3. 3rd place – PLN 400

2. Distance HELL - male classification - first 3 riders (classification OPEN) will receive either financial or in-kind prizes sponsored by Specialized company. The value of the prices will not be lower than:

  1. 1st place -PLN 1000 + Glass Cup
  2. 2nd place - PLN 600
  3. 3rd place – PLN 400

3. The distance HARD – female classification - first 3 participants (classification OPEN) will receive either financial or in-kind prizes sponsored by Specialized company. The value of the prices will not be lower than:

  1. 1st place -   PLN 500 + Glass Cup
  2. 2nd place - PLN 400
  3. 3rd place – PLN 300

4. The distance HARD – male classification - first 3 riders (classification OPEN) will receive either financial or in-kind prizes sponsored by Specialized company. The value of the prices will not be lower than:

  1. 1st place -  PLN 500 + Glass Cup
  2. 2nd place - PLN 400
  3. 3rd place – PLN 300

5. The first 3 riders (female) from each category on the distance HELL and HARD will receive a trophy + in-kind prizes sponsored by Specialized company in the following age categories (birth year of the participant is considered):

  1. K2 - 16/18 - 29 years old (for HELL distance only from 18 years)
  2. K3 - 30-39 years old
  3. K4 - 40 years old and above

6. The first 3 riders (men) from each category on the distance HELL and HARD will receive a trophy + in-kind prizes sponsored by Specialized company in the following age categories (birth year of the participant is considered):

  1. M1 - 16 - 18 years old (only for HARD distance)
  2. M2 - 19 - 29 years old (for HELL distance 18-29 years old)
  3. M3 - 30 - 39 years old
  4. M4 - 40 - 49 years old
  5. M5 - 50 - 59 years old
  6. M6 - 60 years and above (taking into consideration the scale of difficulty of the race category M6 will be conducted ONLY for HARD distance. Participants of this age are not recommended to take part in distance HELL)

7. In addition, the oldest participant of the race will receive a Commemorative Cup.


Classification for the Best HIGHLANDER will be conducted at the distance HELL. The winner of this classification is the rider who will finish race in time limit designated in § 11 pt 9 and will collect the highest amount of points on mountain bonuses marked on racecourse.  The rules giving points are as follows:

  1. 1st place – 5 points
  2. 2nd place – 3 points
  3. 3rd place – 1 point

When two (2) participants score equal number of points, first place at the Finish line determines the winner. Bonuses included in classification will be marked on racecourse as a GP.  The winners will receive financial or in-kind awards sponsored and glass cup for the best rider.

  1. 1st place – PLN 500 + Glass Cup
  2. 2nd place – PLN  300
  3. 3rd place – PLN  200


In addition, among the teams who finish in group of at least 5 riders - no matter the distance - there will be conducted TEAM classification covering both distances HARD and HELL. For TEAM classification, the total number of kilometers ridden by participants counts. For the TEAM classification, only kilometers of participants who completed the race counts. The best TRR 2019 team will be the team which will ride the biggest number of kilometers having taken the above into consideration. There is no limit on the number of participants for one team. In case of equal number of kilometers, the victorious team will be the one whose rider obtains best time on distance HELL.

In Team classification, the number of kilometers ridden by participants of a given team and who succeed in finishing the race by 4PM is considered. At the same time, those who were not disqualified during the race due to the exceeding of limits enumerated in paragraph 8, point 6 a, b.

The winners will be given commemorative Cups for places 1-3 as well as in-kind prizes sponsored by the Terma Bania company.

10.  Along the racecourse for both distances there will be additional BONUS Territories with in-kind prizes for its winners. Additional information concerning conditions and prizes for winning will be regularly updated on TATRA ROARD RACE website in the NEWS section.

11.  In the event of failure to collect the prize during the decoration, the prize will become the Organizer’s property or will be given back to the Sponsor.

12.  To receive the prize for BONUS Territory or SPECIAL BONUS the rider has to finish the race within 3 hours –for the distance HARD and 6 hours - for HELL distance counted from the shot starter.


                                                                           §13 Penalties and Protests

  1. The main judge of the race in consultation with the Organizer may apply the following penalties:
    1. Participant reprimand
    2. Extra penalty time
    3. Participant disqualification
  2. Race participant may be penalized by the Organizer in particular for:
    1. Violation of traffic rules,
    2. Lack of hard helmets,
    3. Excessive litter (except for the special zone which is covers the area of 200 m after the Standing Buffets)
    4. Disregard for the environment,
    5. Deficiencies in equipment which affect safe ride
    6. Failure to comply with the principles of fair play
    7. Unsportsmanlike behavior
    8. Pushing or pulling of another rider by third parties
  3. In the event of disqualification, the organizer does not return the entry fee.
  4. Every rubbish, packages etc. may be left only in designated Buffet zone. Littering in other places will be penalized with disqualification.
  5. Protests
    1. Protests to the Chief Judge can be made in writing at the Race Office up to 15 minutes after the announcement of the results. A protest must be accompanied by a deposit of PLN 100. The deposit will not be returned unless the Chief Judge in consultation with the Organizer acknowledges the right of the protester. The final decision belongs to the Chief Judge.
    2. Protests to the results can be submitted until 48 hours after the end of the competition by sending an email to


                                                                          §14 Additional Information

  1. Participants insure themselves on their own. It is advisable that participants possess personal accidents insurance within OC and NW.
  2. The organizer and all persons cooperating with him, as well as those associated with conducting and organization of the race shall not be liable for participants personal injury, property and belongings loss / damages which occur before, during or after the race. Participants compete at their own risk. Participants bear civil liability and legal responsibility for all damages. By signing this declaration, participants waive their right to seek legal measures or reimbursement from the organizer or its contractors in the event of an accident or damage associated with the event. I acknowledge that in the event of an accident no claims against the Organizer can be made.
  3. The Organizer reserves the right to interpret the provisions of the organizational regulations of the following General Rules and Regulations, interpretation of the rules of sports regulations belongs to The Chief Judge of the Race
  4. Each participant takes part in the competition at their own risk.
  5. Each participant taking part in the race confirms knowledge of the rules and declares that he is in good enough health to participate in TATRA ROAD RACE 2019.
  6. The race will take place regardless of weather conditions, except for the situation when the area of the race is declared the state of natural disaster as well as "Force majeure".
  7. Participant who withdraws from the race shall immediately inform the organizer by telephone or SMS on number +48530990749 or the Judge who is based at the Finish line of the event. In case of no notification participant will have to cover the costs of rescue operation.
  8. Start in the race is synonymous with knowledge and acceptance of the above regulations. Participants during the event are obliged to comply with these rules and to communicate with due respect with the Judges, Organizers, other employees and other participants of the event. Vulgar words and unsportsmanlike behavior are not accepted.
  9. The Organizer reserves the right to make changes in the General Rules and Regulations.