Tatra’s Road Race 2018 clothing partner became dmtex company

10 maja 2018

The DMTEX company specializes in the design, production and distribution of sportswear. Most of their articles are devoted to such sports as cycling, running and triathlon.

The range of DMTEX products is complete in order to meet customers’ expectations. These include sports clubs, bicycle groups/ teams (professionals and amateurs), as well as companies, shops, associations and private clients.

The company may create many models (configurable), including all advertising parameters, sponsors’ logos etc. upon request. It may use various printing techniques to reproduce any type of logo and any color on textile materials. The knitted fabrics used for production are of the highest quality, they come from the best Italian producers.

Seams made in the EU guarantee the highest level of finishing. When creating the DMTEX company, the main aim was to offer innovative products for the cycling world. Thanks to 10-year experience, they have gained a lot of know-how.

The outfits made by the company are therefore of the highest quality, provide great comfort which aids the performances of both professional and amateur cyclists.

The company guarantees competitive prices and very short delivery time.

If you want to have unique outfit for your team, the project department will prepare something special for you.

Thank you for making beautiful polo shirts in a special version for our team.



dmtex koszulki