Nutrixxion joined the Tatra Road Race’s main partners

30 marca 2018

Nutrixxion is a prestigious German company with ten-year experience in the field of professional energy support for athletes. The company offers a wide range of energy gels, bars and electrolytic drinks as well as protein products necessary for muscle regeneration and strength training in certain stages of training.

Nutrixxion consistently wins the market and hearts of users because it is a user-friendly brand. They support many sports events and a whole mass of professional and amateur athletes – all of those who love sport. What is the most important thing about Nutrixxion company it the fact that they listen to comments and advice given by cyclists.


The development of innovative products for ambitious endurance athletes was our vision from the very beginning. We believed that the products should differ in content and taste from conventional products available on the market. We all had many years of experience in sports nutrition and we thought that it could be done better. Many of our products contain not only pure carbohydrates, but also amino acids, which play an important role in the regeneration of the body. We were also one of the first producers who used isomaltulose instead of traditional ingredients such as glucose and fructose.

… said Mark Clauβmeyer, founder of Nutrixxion company


Nutrixxion will take care of electrolytic drinks for all cyclists and in each of the starter packets you will get an energy gel and a strategy/ plan for a cycling race.

The company will be also present with its promotional booth during the competition, where you will be able to try and purchase all products in affordable price.


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